Artist Statement


I believe we have reached a moment in our collective history where Indigenous people have been given a leeway into the mainstream arising out of the call for truth and reconciliation. I look at the present-day scope of image making and cannot help but notice a shift towards the future, or what Dr. Grace Dillon, Indigenous Studies Professor at Portland State University has dubbed Indigenous Futurisms; whereby an imagined world is created out of the need to escape and address the harsh realities of our past, by looking far into the future and placing ourselves there. If we can imagine a better future for ourselves and for our people—it has been said—that is already the beginnings of that world being constructed. My art offers a window into a world in which to peer through and receive concrete evidence of the future as Indigenous. At this very moment we are confronting, as a society, the truth of what happened to us, and in turn I am addressing these issues through my work.

A continued exploration of Indigenous Futurisms manifests itself through my contemporary practice but, it is also said, we carry our past with us into the future. I am quite aware of oil painting and how it locates itself within the tradition of European art history, in addition to my mixed media works on canvas, which allows my work to exist in the greater stream of the art world at large, for I believe and know that there is a place for me here. As my practice unfolds, my work continues to evolve and speaks to the many ideas I am currently exploring, ever moving like a powerful flowing river; the energy shifting and churning with answers that may not be fully realized yet touched on within the surfaces of the art that I create - It is an ongoing process that can only be fully defined at the end of life. I am but a thread within the rope of Indigenous artists who create out of the need to give voice, dreams, and reality to the work that we do.

It is our time now! and I am beyond grateful to be alive in this epoch of our moment, when the larger society is finally ready and willing to see and hear our truths of which we know can only serve to benefit us all—art is a crucial tool in helping us repair a stronger understanding of who we are as human beings, while at the same time giving us an intrigue into the inner workings of an artist creating work of profound interest.